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Tourists film heart-stopping moment Airbus makes ‘lowest ever landing’ at island airport

Bystanders felt as if they almost had their hair shaved by a huge passenger jet as it made an incredibly low landing.

Members of the public who had gathered to watch jets touch down on the Greek island of Skiathos got slightly more than they bargained for.

Video of the incident shows the Airbus A321neo approaching over the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean as boats bob peacefully below.

The nearer the Wizz Air plane gets, the clearer it becomes that the plane is attempting to make a touchdown moments after clearing the perimeter fence at the Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport.

The roar of the jet engines masks the yelps of aviation buffs below as the plane comes within a few metres of their heads as it rockets over.

Dust from the road is kicked up by the velocity of the plane as several people lurch out of the way of the incoming aircraft.

“How many of the spectators do you think needed new pants?” one person asked beneath the video, which was published by GreatFlyer.

The account asked followers whether the landing was the “lowest ever” at the airport.

Another Youtube commenter explained why pilots sometimes attempt to stop their planes as swiftly as possible.

They said: “High temperature and very short runway, you have to do a deep landing to maximise the available runway for stop.

“Low cost airlines operates with short turnaround times, if you overheat the brakes you mess up the schedule if the plane.”

A third pushed back on suggestions that the pilot was playing up to the assembled crowds.

“Before jumping to conclusion, let’s just say we don’t know why the plane ended up so scarily low on a fairly routine approach but I doubt it was “intentional” “showing off”,” they wrote.

“However, the people standing there were definitely standing there intentionally despite of the warning signs and traffic lights.

“You cannot get injured if you’re not standing there. Glad to see the plan eventually touched down without any damage.”

Skiathos Airport has a particularly short runway due to the geography of the island, meaning pilots have to approach lower than they would for other landing strips.

It has become a destination for plane watchers and those who want to see the underside of a passenger jet up close.